Richard Davis, CEO of Top Marks AI, explores the brave new world of AI Marking

How is AI used for grading?

Richard Davis, CEO of Top Marks AI, explores the brave new world of AI Marking, February 1, 2024

How AI is Revolutionizing Grading: The Case of Top Marks AI

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education is transforming the landscape of student assessment. As digital learning environments become more prevalent, AI-driven grading solutions like Top Marks AI are not only becoming possible but are setting new standards in educational assessment.

Before we get into the details, let’s take a quick look at the results Top Marks is able to deliver. Below, we have an example of it marking a GCSE creative writing piece, delivering feedback tailored to the assessment objective together with precise numeric grades.

Marking Creative Writing

The Evolution of AI in Grading:

AI's journey in grading has moved from theoretical to practical, thanks to advancements in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning. From providing basic grading to generating nuanced feedback, AI tools like Top Marks AI are bridging the gap between technological capability and educational needs.

Top Marks AI: A Game-Changer in AI Grading:

Top Marks AI exemplifies the pinnacle of AI grading technology. It harnesses a proprietary algorithm trained on thousands of expert-assessed responses, delivering unparalleled grading consistency. This neutralizes human marker variability and subjectivity. Its advanced feedback system further offers personalized strategies for student improvement.

Innovative Features of Top Marks AI:

Top Marks AI stands out with several innovative features:

1. Prebuilt Rubrics: Comprehensive frameworks for a wide range of qualifications and subjects.

2. Efficient Batch Processing: Saves time with high-volume grading capabilities.

3. Advanced Handwriting Recognition: Superior accuracy in converting handwritten essays.

4. Visual Analysis Proficiency: Capable of marking responses to images and diagrams, essential in many subjects.

5. Bias Detection Mechanism: Ensures fairness and equity in grading. This represents a tangible step towards solve a key issue identified by AQA in their 2023 report on AI’s usage in marking.

Transcription Handwritten Script

Do the Grades Tally With Those Given by Experienced Markers?

Absolutely. To illustrate, we took three exemplar history answers released by the AQA exam board to a 12 mark question.

Exemplar One, the AQA documentation told us, fell within the 10-12 grade bracket; Exemplar Two fell within the 7-9 grade bracket; and Exemplar Three fell within the 4-6 grade bracket.

We then put these three exemplars through Top Marks. In Image 1 below, Top Marks grades Example One, and correctly places it in the 10-12 mark bracket (11.8). In Image 2, Top Marks grades Example Two, and correctly places it in the 7-9 bracket (7.6). In Image 3, Top Marks grades Example Three, and correctly places it in the 4-6 bracket (5.2).

This illustrates how Top Marks is able to deliver results that closely tally with those assigned by experienced examiners.

Accurate Marking Demonstration

The Impact of AI Grading in Education:

AI grading tools, particularly Top Marks AI, are poised to revolutionize the traditional educational workflow. They offer:

1. Significant Time Savings: Reduces educators' workload, allowing them to focus more on teaching. If we look at the challenges of moderation alone - 332,240 GCSE/69,825 A Level remarks were requested in 2022 (OFQUAL) - we get a sense of the scale of the marking burden.

2. Consistent and Fair Grading: Addresses the inconsistency challenges highlighted in OFQUAL research, ensuring fairness in assessments.

3. Rich, Personalized Feedback: Enhances the learning experience with targeted suggestions, aiding in student development.

AI Grading: The Future of Education:

The growth of AI in education, particularly in grading, is on a steep upward trajectory. Top Marks AI, already in trials with leading schools, is set to expand globally. Its continual innovation in AI grading technology positions it at the forefront of this educational revolution.


The question is no longer whether AI can effectively grade student work, but how it can be best utilized to enhance the educational process. Top Marks AI is leading this charge, offering an AI grading solution that is not just efficient but also fair, detailed, and transformative. As AI technology continues to advance, its role in education is set to become more pivotal, promising an era of improved accessibility and equality in learning.