Richard Davis, CEO of Top Marks AI, explores the brave new world of AI Marking

What is AI marking?

Richard Davis, CEO of Top Marks AI, explores the brave new world of AI Marking, February 1, 2024

What is AI Marking?

In an age where technology is reshaping educational practices, AI marking emerges as a pivotal innovation. Imagine a world where grading student essays and assignments is not only faster but also free from bias and inconsistency. This is not just a dream but a reality being forged by advanced tools like Top Marks AI, a leader in the transformative world of AI-assisted grading.

So what is AI marking? In basic terms, it is the process of taking students’ answers and responding with: a) accurate numeric grades; and b) actionable constructive feedback that can help them make rapid improvements.

AQA Shakespeare Marking

Understanding AI Marking

AI marking, which only recently seemed akin to science fiction, is now at the forefront of educational technology. It employs sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms to grade student work, offering a level of precision and consistency that traditional methods struggle to achieve.

As the UK’s Secretary of State for Education noted in May 2023, AI technologies like Top Marks AI have the potential to handle the 'heavy lifting' of essay marking, fundamentally changing the educational landscape. This is something that major exam boards have also been exploring: AQA, in a 2023 report, indicated that they too see promise in AI marking tools, and the potential for them to revolutionise the world of assessments.

The Evolution of AI in Education

The rise of AI in education is marked by a notable shift towards efficiency and enhanced learning experiences. AI tools are not just about automation; they’re about enriching the educational process. Top Marks AI, for instance, is more than a grading tool; it’s an educational ally, with the potential to ensure that the 9.07 million pupils across 24,442 UK schools receive fair and consistent feedback on their work.

At present, according to the Sutton Trust, children from wealthier backgrounds are 14% more likely to have access to private tuition. Top Marks represents a chance to level the playing-field, making round-the-clock feedback available to students from all backgrounds.

The Top Marks Solution – A Leap in Assessment Technology

Top Marks AI stands out in the AI marking domain with its proprietary numeric grading algorithm, ensuring that the same essay yields consistent grades upon multiple evaluations. This addresses a critical issue highlighted by OFQUAL(2016) research, which revealed discrepancies of up to 10 marks in human grading of essays.

Moreover, Top Marks AI's advanced handwriting-to-text conversion outperforms existing technologies like Transkribus, making it a comprehensive solution for a wide range of educational needs. Indeed, by integrating this functionality into batch marking workflows, educators are able to reliably mark handwritten scrips at scale.

Top Marks Transcription Tool

Advantages of Using Top Marks AI

The implementation of Top Marks AI can significantly reduce the 11% of teachers' time currently spent on marking (OFSTED, 2019), thereby addressing workload concerns cited by 68% of teachersin the TES' Schools Wellbeing Report. Furthermore, its ability to process complex images and diagrams ensures that it remains relevant even in subjects requiring visual analysis, like History and Economics.

Top Marks in Action – A Case Study

In a telling demonstration of its capabilities, Top Marks AI consistently graded a creative writing piece within a narrow margin of 1.4 marks over multiple assessments. Such consistency is critical in maintaining fairness and objectivity in grading, a common challenge in traditional assessment methods.

Consistent Marking Demonstration

The Future of AI Marking with Top Marks

As the global AI in Education market is forecasted to reach $32.27 billion by 2030 (GrandViewResearch), Top Marks AI is not just keeping pace with these changes but leading the charge in setting new standards for accuracy, efficiency, and educational equity in assessment.


AI marking, epitomized by Top Marks AI, is not just a technological advancement; it’s a transformative shift towards a more efficient, inclusive, and effective educational system. By embracing this innovation, educators and students alike can enjoy the benefits of fair, detailed, and consistent assessments. We invite you to explore the potential of Top Marks AI and join us in this exciting new era of educational technology.