Richard Davis, CEO of Top Marks AI, explores the brave new world of AI Marking

What is the Best AI for Grading?

Richard Davis, CEO of Top Marks AI, explores the brave new world of AI Marking, February 1, 2024

What is the Best AI for Grading?

Navigating the burgeoning terrain of educational technology, the search for the optimal AI grading system is increasingly critical. Digital learning's expansion demands tools that not only keep pace but also enhance the educational process.

Top Marks AI distinguishes itself as an exceptional contender, demonstrating remarkable precision, efficiency, and depth in its assessment capabilities.

Let’s take a quick look at Top Marks in action. Here we see it marking a History question that asks the student to respond to a visual source, and delivering not just extensive written feedback, but also accurate numeric grades.

History Image Question Marking

The Rise of AI in Educational Grading

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has ushered in a transformative era in educational grading. Moving beyond traditional methods, AI grading tools harness complex algorithms and machine learning to deliver nuanced evaluations of student work. This progress is reflected in the growing investment in EdTech, where AI grading solutions like Top Marks AI are becoming central to educational strategies.

What Makes Top Marks AI Stand Out?

Distinctive in its approach, Top Marks AI offers a suite of innovative features tailored to meet the multifaceted demands of contemporary education:

1. Prebuilt Rubrics Across Various Curricula: A case in point is Top Marks AI's comprehensive selection of prebuilt rubrics. For example, when assessing GCSE English Language essays, the AI employs fine-tuned models for each question type, ensuring feedback aligns with the nuanced criteria set by exam boards.

2. Advanced Handwriting-to-Text Conversion: Showcasing its cutting-edge capabilities, Top Marks AI boasts superior handwriting-to-text conversion, elevating it above competitors and serving as a testament to its innovative prowess.

3. Innovative Image and Diagram Analysis: The tool's proficiency in analyzing complex visual inputs is exemplified by its accurate grading of responses to graphical questions in subjects like Economics, where it interprets supply and demand graphs with exceptional precision.

4. Consistency and Fairness in Grading: The robustness of Top Marks AI is evident in its proprietary algorithm, which delivers consistent and unbiased grading. This is demonstrated by its ability to grade a creative writing piece with a variance of less than 1.4 marks across multiple assessments, a significant advancement in fairness and objectivity.

Transcription Top Marks

Do Teachers Agree?

To demonstrate that the scores Top Marks assigns are in agreement with teachers, sometimes we like to turn to Facebook. For example, a teacher in an Edexcel History group shared a student’s response, and asked the community what they thought it ought to score out of 12.

Facebook Example 1

And sure enough, a litany of teachers weighed in. The consensus, as seen below, was 7 or 8 out of 12, which meant a mid to high level 2.

Facebook Example 2

We then put the essay through Top Marks. Sure enough, the result tallied with what these teachers had said. Top Marks gave it a 7 (or 6.8 to be exact), and was able to quickly give more elaborate feedback than any of the other teachers had put forward:

Accuracy Example

It’s these little case studies that illustrate how potent a grading tool Top Marks is for delivering accurate, reliable results!

(Also, this Facebook exchange is public, so please do check it out!).

The Impact of Top Marks AI on Education

In practice, Top Marks AI's impact is profound, as illustrated by its application in educational institutions:

1. Reduced Workload for Educators: Leveraging its batch-marking features, Top Marks AI has been instrumental in reducing grading time, as evidenced by a pilot with a prestigious institution, where it matched human grading with over 97% correlation.

2. Enhanced Learning Experience: Students benefit from the AI's detailed, constructive feedback.

3. Fairness and Accessibility: By delivering equitable assessments, Top Marks AI democratizes access to quality education, as demonstrated by its ability to maintain consistent grading standards, free from human marker bias.

Looking to the Future

The AI in Education market , anticipated to experience substantial growth, sees Top Marks AI as a pioneering force. With its commitment to innovation and excellence, Top Marks AI is setting the stage for the next wave of technological advancements in education.


When deliberating on the best AI for grading, Top Marks AI emerges as a leading solution. Its suite of advanced features transcends traditional grading processes, enhancing educational quality and accessibility. As AI technology forges ahead, Top Marks AI is poised to play a pivotal role in the evolving landscape of education.